There were some pretty sweet highlights this week. I rediscovered Amanda Marshall, she's a killer Canadian singer, songwriter and I have some great memories of listening to her stuff growing up. I also had my first listen of Shawn McDonald's Brave. I haven't listened to much of his stuff in a while, so it was cool when it came up in my Spotify discovery. I am looking forward to listening to it some more in coming week. There were some pretty cool moments at first listen.

Song of the week definitely goes to Home. It's on Bethel's We Will Not Be Shaken and features Hunter Thompson. Dude's got the voice of an angel. Like. For. Real. Listening to Thompson share about what inspired the song, I immediately related with his sentiment about finding home. The yearning for that place where you know all is well, where you belong. The realisation that no matter where on earth you search nothing will quite satiate that desire. 

"Draw to me Jesus

I’ve made my heart a home"

That tension is so real to me. I regularly get hit with the pangs that come with knowing I was not made for here. What struck me, was that rather than simply yearning for eternity, which is my regular response. His search for home led him to draw closer to the One that is home. 

Ultimately home, for the believer isn't found in a place but in Christ.. Not something to strive for, but rather make room for. Home is found in intimacy with the Father, in walking in step with His Spirit. In that relationship where we are fully known and fully loved.

It is found in rest.

A lesson I am fighting to learn everyday. 

I think this song will be on the soundtrack of this year for me as I continue to work out those themes in my own life. Feel free to let me know what home means to you. I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Like last week I made you a collage of what I've been listening to this week. If you haven't yet you can listen to Home below.