I'm a visionnary. So it's quite easy for me to get ahead of myself. I can see where I want to get to and all the pieces of the puzzle along the way. I can craft strategies and plans for every scenario possible if I give myself enough time. But at the end of the day, most of that doesn't matter without the right tools to build, and the right foundation to build on.

I walked into this whole experience pretty blind and naive. I figured 'what the hey, I'll record some music!' It is wild what the process has taught me about my strengths and weaknesses. About where I have built well and where there is room to grow.  It is difficult for me at times to see the end goal and know that I can't quite get there. That the things I am building towards aren't quite within reach yet.

I love Propaganda. He is a writer I regularly shake my head at because he is so talented. (Like for real though, check out his stuff it's crazy and free!) He has a song called Raise The Banner that has been speaking to me in particular these days, It talks about the need for excellence in all that we do with our God given talents. The marking part for me is when he says

"I read the story a million times. Tortoise always wins."

Essentially, slow and steady wins the race. Or for me: Slow down. Breathe. BUILD, Enjoy the journey, it's more important than you think!

In this season, I am realising that means to build. Taking the time to assess where I am and how I can invest in myself and my dreams to get where I need to go. My journey may not be like everyone else's or anything like what I expect it to be.


It will be lead by God.

It will be the best of me.

It will be excellent.

Ha. The beauty is, if that's the case, no matter the outer ranking, this tortoise always wins.